When you look at the earth from a satellite view, it might appear very alien and unfamiliar in some uninhabited regions. I like to think of these singular landscapes as if they were all unique and remarkable individuals. No two are alike anywhere on planet Earth! Even identical twins might appear the same on the surface, yet under the visible crust, there are distinct differences.

Each human has a unique snapshot of their peaks and valleys, deserts, and forests, rain, snow, and sun. Every life event and experience will alter our terrain, creating an ever-expanding kaleidoscope of rich and interesting textures. 

Who’s to say one is more beautiful, interesting, and complex than the other? When we can appreciate the unfamiliar topography of each human from an elevated perspective, we will truly see the magnificent tapestry we call the human family.

TERRAIN 1,2,3  Are composed of rigid foam forms permanently set into their frames. The permanence represents the inability to disconnect ourselves from our life events. The forms are coated with plaster and gypsum, applied in several random pours, reflective of our unique and spontaneous textures of experiences that are influencing factors in our lives.