An elevated perspective of a situation often allows us to see a broader view, refining clarity, and expanding our understanding of things as they truly are.

I watch a lot of National Geographic programs. To date I think I’ve watched every program ever made on the heavens and the Earth, multiple times. Everything above, on and below this visible realm, has always held a curious fascination for me as long as I can remember.
One of my favorite programs was on the planets in our solar system and their unique characteristics as captured from the NASA telescope. As I saw the close up ariel images of these other worlds, I was captivated with their unique beauty, unlike anything I had beheld before on my world. I started taking pictures of the TV screen as it displayed the artistry I could see in their landscapes, formed over millions of years , millions of astrological events, millions of conditions that I would never have the details of. In spite of never knowing how they arrived at their present state of unfamiliar, breathtaking beauty, their resulting, individual refinement process was clearly evident and irrefutable. It was a reverent privilege to be witnessing their true beauty never before revealed. It was like I was seeing their soul for the first time.

The next day I was driving to an appointment that was an hour away. I like to drive in silence, it gives my spirit a chance to catch up with it’s mortal shell. It gives my mind a chance to have organic thoughts and the space to ponder them. Organic thought of that day…People are planets.

“Okay, how?” I asked. I looked all around me and saw within my view hundreds of cars transporting hundreds of people that had come from somewhere. People that had their own unique landscapes, formed through millions of experiences, events and conditions, of which I would never be aware. They had hopes and dreams, heartbreaks and joy, good days and bad days, failures and triumphs, all on their way to somewhere, where they would come into view with other planets.

Would they truly be seen? Would someone care what had taken place in their world that morning, last month, last year? Would the visible scars on their planet surface be seen as damage or a beautiful evolution in progress?

” Other World 00.1 ” is comprised of a wood base, supporting a concrete Mache covered, natural fiber substrate. The unpredictable pattern of the concrete Mache represents the events of life that shape us as we form into beautiful planets. The four sections of vermiculite represent organic circumstances, difficult to contain. The Himalayan salt represents the savored beauty that may not have been seen, embedded in the substrate, but on closer inspection is seen in a beautiful new light.