How great are mashed potatoes? I say, pretty darn great! It’s one of those things that shouldn’t work but just does. I often wonder what circumstances led to this miraculous discovery? Like so many other ingenious inventions, It most likely was born from a happy accident! However, as the averages seem to play out, It isn’t very often that you can completely obliterate something and as a result, have it simultaneously bring about so much joy!  

I have had legendary failures in life,  that have, at first, been so discouraging, but have eventually given birth to the most joyful things. Nevertheless, I have discovered it is much more productive to only allow for minimal tantrums over things just not turning out the way I had so laboriously envisioned them, and then move on to the process of unveiling the potential ” mashed potato glory” of the heap that lies before me.

“Disaster averted” will not always be the outcome, so ” disaster embraced” can become a new reality that sets in motion a whole reimagined world of possibilities! The phenomenon of mashed potatoes is proof that even the most perfectly pulverized plans can have a glorious ending!

MASHED POTATOES NEVERTHELESS  Is composed of organic plant skeleton, coated with mineral glass and sealed with resin. The “heap” suggests mashed potatoes. The slight purple at the center of the composition reflects the hue of a purple potato, once whole, now pulverized.