49″ H X 6.25″ W



47″ H. X 6.5″ W



45.25″ H. X 8″ W


There are so many worthy virtues that we could embody that would not only bless our lives but the lives of everyone who crosses our path. Three that stand out to me have always been, FAITH, HOPE and, CHARITY. I feel that the order in which they are frequently referenced has much to do with the process in which they are obtained.

FAITH is a belief in things not seen but hoped for. So when are we exercising faith or just wishin’ and a wantin’ and a hopin’ upon a star? Faith is a verb. It is the spark of a revealed truth that puts us into motion. It is the fuel that propels our desires into actions. It is believing we all have a destination we are trying to get to, walking along a misty path. It is taking a step into the fog,  hoping we will have enough clarity of vision so we can take the next one. sometimes, It is patiently waiting for the fog to clear just long enough to see where to take the next step and the next and the next, but we know in time that it will. Faith is exercising this process repeatedly, hoping we are going in the right direction. 

HOPE is what follows FAITH. We are more optimistic about our hopes and dreams when we have turned our faith that they are attainable into action and have continued along the path to achieving them putting one foot after the other. Sadly, it is often only after we repeatedly stumble and fall off the path, that we are humbled enough to draw on the grace of God and the atonement of His Son, Jesus Christ to make up the difference. The tragedy in this lies in the reality that we could have asked for His companionship, help, and guidance before we even took our first step. Seeing the hand of God in everything we do,  and coming to the realization that we can do anything with His help, brings us to hope that no worthy pursuit needs stay, insurmountable.

CHARITY is a byproduct of pure love, that once we truly feel…….we want to share. Now that we have acted on our faith, increased our hope, and have a more clear and more optimistic view of our lives, we are ready to reach out to another on their path that stands paralyzed in the fog. Faith tells you, you know how to help, and hope shows you how. Charity is love materialized. It is understanding that because you have been given, kindness, love,  help, and mercy, you must extend it also. It is a pay-it-forward program, with circular benefits. Charity is the culminating action of Faith and hope. It is the greatest of all virtues……… for it is simultaneously given and received!


FAITH, HOPE, and CHARITY,  are sculpted over wire frames and recycled natural fiber substrates. The tall stature is reflective of the noble qualities of character that are earned through the exercise of the virtues. The Virtues are white to reflect their divine origins.