We are not alone in the universe. The vast creations of God out number all the sands on all the seas. As I look up into a clear night sky and see the vast array of stars that appear to my weak mortal eyes, I stand all amazed! How many worlds are there? How many are inhabited by God’s children? How can He know about every hair that falls from their heads? How can He know what they are feeling? What makes them happy, sad, afraid, or strong? 

I don’t know how, but I know He does. He knows them all, just like He knows you and me. He hurts when they hurt, He weeps when they weep and He rejoices when they do. He cheers them on and lifts them up, He is the difference when they’re not enough.

As infinite as His creations are, His love reaches even farther still. It is not diminished in the size and magnitude of His family. It is multiplied and magnified with the birth of every living thing. it is inseparable from us just as we are inseparable from one another.

We are all part of that celestial ocean of stars that is still being created one drop at a time.

STAR DROP Is comprised of an open weave natural fiber substrate that represents the unfinished state of the universe. It is connected with synthetic sinews that represent the connected nature of every living thing. The cap is compressed natural fibers that represent organized matter in the formation of the universe. The pinpoints of light represent the stars that are born in that process. The “drop” shape represents all of us as star drops in the celestial ocean of creation.