One thing leads to another.
I can’t picture the power and sheer force of a tsunami, without first visualizing the unseen quake that gave birth to it. An opening of earth on the ocean floor, maybe hundreds of miles under the surface that triggered an inevitable chain of events. Because we are unaware of the originating circumstances, it would seem that the resulting wave of magnitude came out of nowhere, but then again, everything came from somewhere.

People can be tsunamis as well. Sometimes, well below the surface, there is a quake. It is small and seemingly goes unregistered, often, dismissed, but the water has been set into motion and will eventually manifest into a powerful force, that demands to be acknowledged.


TSUNAMI is composed of plaster, concrete, and stucco over a burlap, wire mesh and Mache wave form. Any color is derived from the color of materials as they cured. The organic materials move toward the wave in a fluid movement and eventually converge and culminate in the tsunami wave. The salvaged permanent frame represents the invisible quake and the inevitable tsunami that are now inseparable.