Every once in a while, something happens that feels like an explosion of epic proportions just went off! Of course, you didn’t see it coming and were caught off guard. Plans were re-written, your succinct sense of timing, obliterated…..now what? You have two choices: curl up in a ball to protect yourself from the blast radius or hurl through the air like you are falling on purpose and look forward to a new starting origin on the map of your existence when you land!

This is what it felt like, every time I heard the doctor say, “surprise, you’re pregnant!” Even when we were intentionally trying to have another baby, my heart would start racing and I’d feel like I just went down a roller- coaster. 

Driving home, the new reality would set in that I had indeed been relocated on my map and what the future route would now look like. Without exception, the initial panic attack quickly melted into tears of joy and gratitude that our family would be blessed with another person that would help us learn what it is to laugh, cry, worry, rejoice, council, console, apologize, forgive, and remember what it is to be imperfectly human. To love and to be loved, no matter what…… together. 

To my love’s and your families:







The most welcome explosions, I never knew I always needed!!!! And to Rob, the love of my life, the best friend, husband, Dad, and “Papa” a family could have, I couldn’t ask for a better group of humans to be standing in this blast zone with!!!!

BOOM! is composed of mineral glass, cultured on natural plant substrate, and coated with resin.

The composition is representative of the explosion bloom of unexpected yet joyful news. The multiple branches represent unexpected events that can ultimately propel us upward to a higher level of joy.