Aging well has nothing to to with age. It has everything to do with the well. How deep your well is and how you’ve used the water determines true beauty at any age.

The scarred and battered surfaces of uninhabited planets reveal that there is an elegant grace and beauty to their battered landscapes. Vast mountain ranges that grew from violent seizing sessions of that world. Cratered valleys assaulted by fiery meteors that pierced the terrestrial plains. Miles and miles of caverns sliced out of stone by fierce weather conditions. We behold it with our eyes and what we see is the spectacular beauty of that present, while remaining largely unaware of the tumultuous past that created it.

Other World .003 is comprised of earth elements that have been acted upon and transformed by organic means into natural resulting patinas. Metal, copper, concrete, gypsum, plaster and natural fibers form the composition that represents the beauty that forms over time. The concrete fields reflect the contrast of a less tumultuous environment some may choose. The smaller rusted steel wool represents the multitude of endless strands of depth and complexity that can only be earned with age.