“You can have ANYTHING you want in life, you just can’t have EVERYTHING.”
So what will sit on my “anything” table? What part of “everything” will I decide I can do without? I am the most content and actually feel like I have “everything’ when I have wisely chosen from the “anything” menu and then learned how to keep it all in balance. Maybe it stems from feeling like I have “everything” under control.


BALANCE Is composed of a metal and natural fiber form, permanently secured to a frame that represents the individual that requires balance. The symbiotic permanence suggests the inseparable need for balance, to experience a fullness of joy and actualization.

The four squares represent the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical areas of a well-balanced life. coated with a mix of concrete, plaster, and gypsum, the shades that surface naturally, mirror the varying degrees of balance we feel at any one time.