There is so much light and good in the world that often gets pushed to the distant background on the stage of life, whilst the deafening roar of despair attempts to steal every scene. On the surface, it might seem like a very unbalanced battle of good versus evil is raging, with darkness securely having the advantage on center stage. Ultimately we choose our perspective view of who is winning largely, by where we are standing on the battlefield.

…….I ” chews” light!

I CHEWS LIGHT Is composed of rawhide strips, that represent what we decide we will chew on as far as the information that determines our outlook on life. Suspended with synthetic sinews, that represent the resulting, internalized nature of our choices. The tiered metal frame that forms the structure, represents the tiered levels of light we experience at any given time. The solid wood ball represents the influencing weight we ultimately give to the information we consume.