I am infatuated with fire embers. they are so magical how they ebb and flow. The movement of the flame just under the surface of the ember can almost appear liquid as it moves, like the pulse of a living thing. I also love the hope that even though the radiating heat is diminished, the collective parts can be built and encouraged back into a roaring fire with a full and radiant flame. 

People are like fires. Some have had a raging fire of faith and conviction throughout their lives and then for a time due to other pressing matters of life, forget to put new wood on the fire and nurture it.  The essential practice of examining where the fires of our convictions are burning bright and moving them under the weaker areas of doubt that are in danger of going out is critical to the longevity of the flame. Adjusting the stronger embers of what we know to reignite our weaker embers of doubt, will keep the fire going.

Who do you know that could use some help in igniting their embers to a full and glorious flame? Who do you know that needs some ember light? Could it be you?

EMBER LIGHT is comprised of a wireframe covered in natural weave fiber cloth, waffle packing paper, and celery pulp. The culminating effect of the powered light represents the embers of the light of Christ we all possess.