Curtains have always held a curious fascination for me. I remember some of my earliest encounters with curtains. I loved going to the movies when they had a billowing curtain over the entire screen that magically went up slowly as the movie music began. There was such anticipation in the wait, with the sure promise that some magical reveal was imminent.

 My earliest attempt at magic curtains was my first puppet show stage made out of a cardboard box, a string for the rod, and hole punched paper towels for the curtains. Operable curtains were critical for the proper preparations going on behind the scenes to accommodate the next prop set up and backdrop change. I fanaticized that the often prolonged interim of the veiled stage only elevated the mysterious excitement for my attentive, all be it, captive audience of stuffed animals and dolls.

In high school, I got involved with the musical theater where once again I was captivated by the curtain. The rising curtain on opening night was met with exhilaration, anticipation, and a healthy dose of heart-thumping, nervous adrenaline! The falling curtain on closing night elicited a very different response ……….closure. Something meaningful that had enriched my life had come to an end and now It would only live in memory. I felt sadness and loss that was only replaced by diving into the next show, anticipating that same rush of excitement for the next opening night, where the curtain would open again.

Life since then, has been a series of opening and closing performances on the stage of my existence. I am always the lead. Supporting characters come and go, the acts and scenes of the play are ever-changing and evolving. Beginning and ending and beginning again.

Now I see curtains a little bit clearer. They must go down, so something new can be built behind the scenes. Some days it feels like my next opening night isn’t in the foreseeable future somewhat like a storefront draped with drop clothes for months and a slightly askew sign that reads, ” Opening Soon,” Odds are that the longer they wait, the more “grand” the opening will be.

CURTAINS is composed of a fabric and wire framework coated with concrete gypsum and plaster. The curtain appears to be in motion representing either the closing or opening of a new act and scene on the stage of life.