What does it mean to be SENTIENT? It means we can perceive and feel, It means we can laugh and weep, rejoice and mourn love and hate, reason and choose, fight and forgive, learn and grow, live and die.

It means we have a responsibility of stewardship over all living things.

 It means we should know better, how to care for each other and how to peacefully co-exist.

 It means we should know better how to care for our Earth and all creations, great and small.

 It means we have the right and will to choose, to responsibly reason through every decision for the betterment of ALL mankind.

 It means that the more we feel, the more we understand, and we are accountable for how we use that increased knowledge.

It means we are aware that we are not alone.

It means we are family.

It means we are magnificently human.

SENTIENT Stands regal and tall above all other life forms. The grand scale is representative of our place in creation and the accompanying responsibility of stewardship that embodies. The composition is layered over a wood, wire, and natural fiber substrate with, concrete, plaster, gypsum, salt, and mineral Michas. The materials suggest the organic elements from which we as humans are made. The self-aware expression reflects the awakening we are privileged to as SENTIENT beings.